Life Force Learning and Margaret Scott. The Story.

Life Force Learning

This site has come about after 20 years of working with lifeforce from a place of ignorance to a journey of absolute discovery and wonder. I now have an obligation to share what I know with whom ever has an inclination to learn a little or a lot. You are invited to discover the wonders of lifeforce and how it can improve your world and those in it.


Margaret Scott

I found myself looking for solutions from intrusive whacky symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD) which ended my career as a Registered Nurse. My trauma from mortuary counselling was when my life changed and went on to discover me. My beloved medical profession could only do so much. So, I went in search into the unknown of alternative health. (read my book Death just Happens)

On my quest I discovered Pranic healing from a brochure at the wholistic dentist. I submitted to doing the incremental learning, attended the first level of workshops, and it changed my life.

I discovered answers to questions missing from my nursing career in this first workshop when lifeforce techniques were explained and experienced. Armed with this knowledge I experienced amazing results to my symptoms. This missing knowledge of accessing this lifeforce, with continued learning has allowed me to complement western medicine with these missing pieces of knowledge to give relief from anxiety, stress, crippling phobias, and addictions, adolescent health and sports injuries.

Utilising these skills, with continued practice here in Australia, and USA of seven years I have evolved this modality with upgrades, add ons, from traditional Pranic healing to Vibrational Health Techniques for the modern vibrational shift we are experiencing in this universe.

I have an obligation to share this knowledge with advanced skill sets I have learnt, practiced to enable you to change your lives. You too can live a life free from stress, fear and chaos, to improved choices with expanded consciousness of your unique essence.

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