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Vibrational Healing Techniques (VHT)

VHT is a seven level energy healing modality designed to complement existing western medicine. It is portable, cost effective, and anyone can learn it. Relieve stress and anxiety, raise your vibration from fear to freedom, know yourself with greater depth through self-discovery: You can apply the learned techniques to numerous aspects of your daily life from first aid to major stress management. Scroll down for more information.


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Upcoming Workshop Dates And Details

Level One

2020. February 15 and 17.

Level one is the foundation for all 7 levels of Vibrational Healing Techniques. You will learn how to feel variations in the energy of your body. You will learn about the metaphysical anatomy and how it links to the physical body to help maintain your health. You will learn about the benefits of etheric hygiene including my 2012 ROF technique. By the end of the workshop you be able to use these skills with confidence in your daily life to reduce your stress, and raise your vibration.

Level Two

2020. March 21 and 23.

We will revise the practical aspects of level one and evolve into the advanced techniques of colour vibrations, understanding how each component links to your body. Our goal is to increasing speed of application and learn more effective systems to raise your vibration.

Level Three

2020. April 19.

Bring together Level One and Level Two to learn how to address addictions, phobias and anxiety. Learn mystery teachings and VHT “add-ons.” Day 1 is a specialty crystal workshop, learn the effectiveness of how to choose/ clean/ program/ utilize the crystal vibrations. Day 2: Learn advanced crystal techniques to effectively stripe away fear, phobias and addictions. Introduction to shielding.

Level Four

2020. June 14.

Now we are stepping into complete collaborative learning using vibrational health techniques to become light igniters to serve. This is not for the faint hearted, but for the practiced students of this modality. Giving us most joyous reward for learning and work. Shielding, and higher teachings, new techniques for Ring Of Fire.

Level Five

2020. August 9.

Purification Day. Series of Mediations, to remove and release the old vibrations, to transform the new vibration to allow you to operate at a higher frequency.

Level Six

2020. October 4.

The Universal Laws and how they can apply to your treatments and every day function. Use of sound vibration. Ancient Laws the deeper understanding. Q&A

Level Seven

2020. November 29.

Sacred Geometry for your practice, application, and comprehension to aspire to higher vibrations, with associated connection to universal grids. This will improve the frequency that you operate from.

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